Spirit Guides serve 

your soul's journey 

through life, regardless of 

the profession or life path 

you have chosen. 

They may assist in your life only when asked.

My purpose is to guide other souls through their journey in life with wisdom, clear insights, caring and compassion.

My intention is for you to walk with integrity in heart and mind, impeccability in action, and greater harmony, authenticity and coherency in life.

My Vision is for you to become part of communities and ecosystems that are healthy, healed, whole and thriving.

Please note:

A whole and healed state does not mean that issues or challenges do not come up. It means being able to navigate through them with more truth, love, life efficacy, emotional literacy, brain agility and behavioral grace than we were previously able to.


Similarly, impeccability in action does not mean perfection. It means purifying your intentions and behaviors as soon as you become aware that your thoughts or actions are not aligned with your big heart, inner truth and healed vision for the world.


What I offer is:

- guidance that is clear, pragmatic, whole-brained, open-hearted,

techniques to heal and transform aspects of yourself or patterns in your life, and

practices to empower your soul to provide the answers you seek.


When working with me, you become increasingly skilled, equipped and empowered to navigate life more consciously, compassionately, authentically, meaningfully and responsibly than you were able to before, and you are able to manifest a healed and whole reality for yourself and other life on Earth.

Training & Education:

I source from an interdisciplinary set of education, training and experiences (see details) to offer techniques, skills and practices that I sense may be helpful for you or needed for your soul's journey at the time, given the questions you have, answers you seek, issues you face, decisions you have to make, or the vision of yourself and the world you are choosing to live into.

Please remember:

My services are sincere offerings from of my healed and whole presence on this Earth. Utilize what helps you live a healthy, peaceful, purposeful and harmonious existence in which you are as sacred as every single other life form on Earth.

Let go of all else. Thank you.

Please read my Notes prior to working with me.


I speak English and German fluently.

Ich spreche englisch und deutsch.

 Um mehr auf deutsch zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte hier.

Vielen Dank.

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