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If you do book a Session, I ask that you please read my entire Notes page prior to working with me so that we can appropriately prepare, respect and honor the time we each choose to spend together. Thank you.

*Sacred Exchange:


I offer my services as Sacred Exchange. What this means is that it is done in the spirit of an Offering. Offerings are not donations or payments for services. Offerings are gifts given freely and joyfully from our hearts for something or someone we want to see and support in the world.


  • I offer my services freely to pure hearts and innocent minds (whether or not they can make an Offering), and

  • I welcome Offerings with gratitude from anyone (whether or not they work with me) who wants to make a contribution to who I am, what I do, how I choose live, what I intend to manifest, or the way I am present in the world .

If you are called to make an Offering, ​PayPal (using is currently the method I receive these gifts.


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